Boat Houses


Custom tower cavity designs are available for wake board towers, T-Tops or Bimini's. 

Bracket frame design is custom built from measurements of the boathouse, boat lift, dock, and boat. 

Ridge supports are available in 5 inches, 10 inches, and 15 inches. 


Floating Docks


*  Risers are bolted to the side of a floating dock. 

The cover rises with any dock rising. 

*  The cover is produced in the same fashion as the intercoastal cover for strength and durability.

*  Ask us about our seasonal service contract.

Mechanical Boat Lift



  • Built over free standing lifts with 15-inch ridge support
  • Easy to dismantle for seasonal weather purposes and it stays attached to your existing hoist when you take the hoist out of water in the North during winter season.
  • Ask us about our seasonal service contract.

PWC Application



PWC or jet ski frame designs can use either of our mainframe designs: intercoastal or boat house, whichever is best suited for your project. 

More than one PWC? No problem, The Touchless Boat Cover for your PWC can include a single or double design to protect more. Depending on your PWC, The Touchless Boat Cover can be built with no brackets and use only support cables.


BOAT-PORT hard top



  • The roof is solid aluminum foam filled. It is extremely strong and can withstand 30 pounds of weight per square foot.
  • It provides a beautiful finished look and becomes part of the aesthetics of the property.
  • Attaches to hoists or dock pilings.

Intercoastal - Big Water


The Touchless Boat Cover frame design is higher in the center to shed off water and provide roof like protection from all weather elements. 

Angle brackets, ridge support, and risers are custom built to fit measurements of your dock, boat, boathouse, and boat lift.