why a touchless cover

What is Touchless Cover


Touchless Cover has been in business since 1998.  

Touchless Cover of S.E. Michigan is your primary Touchless Cover dealer in S.E. Michigan and statewide.  We are proud to bring this innovative product to the boaters in Michigan.

Each Touchless Cover is custom designed for your boat, boat lift, boat house and dock. and custom made individually for your application right here in the U.S.A. in Orlando, Florida. 

The Touchless Cover is not a cheap alternative but a high quality, fully framed, marine grade canvas cover that raises and lowers over your boat in 30 seconds by using a simple remote control. 

The Touchless Cover gives you more opportunity to utilize your boat without the need to cover your boat each and every time which can be quite daunting. 

If you put on a Pontoon Boat Cover you know exactly what we are talking about. 

After our custom measurement, your Custom Touchless Cover is manufactured in Orlando, Fl. and shipped to your home.*

We offer Factory Authorized and Trained Installers! **

Touchless Cover of S.E. Michigan, Inc. is fully insured and carries a $1,000,000 liability policy.

That is worth the investment!

*shipping is an additional charge

**You have the option to install your Touchless Cover yourself. If you prefer our factory trained installers will install your Touchless Cover for an additional  fee.

Colors, Warranty and Financing


The Touchless Cover comes in multiple U.V. Top Gun fabric colors for you to select from. 

Choose from Camouflage*, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Chocolate Brown, Hemp Beige,  Seagull Gray, Burgundy or Onyx Black and more. You can even do a two-toned option if you would like.

There are 10 Standard Color options.

Each cover comes with a 5 year warranty on the fabric and the motor.


The Touchless Cover gives you 360 degrees of coverage and covers virtually 100% of your boat. 

The Touchless Cover protects your investment from UV Rays that will dull your gel coat or fencing colors. It also protects it from birds, bird droppings, animals and most insects from taking up residence under your cover. 

It helps protect your boat from weather and it keeps it cleaner so you can enjoy your time on the water. 

It also helps to protect your boat against theft since you boat is fully covered! 

The Touchless Cover has been wind tested in Florida for over 90 MPH wind gusts.

That is worth the investment!

*some colors have an optional charge.


Touchless Cover of S.E. Michigan has a financing partnership with  Diversified Members Credit Union*** in Novi Michigan (248) 277-3628 ext 352

***all loans are personal loans and based on individual credit ratings. Touchless Cover of S.E. Michigan has no direct involvement with any financing options, terms or lenders.

That is worth the investment!

Why the Touchless Cover


Safety - no more trying to snap on bulky covers and crawl around on your hands and knees like a contortionist, slipping on wet decks, struggling with zippers, and potentially falling into the lake and hurting yourself.  

If you have bad knees or shoulders or a disability you do not have to give up your boating lifestyle. The Touchless Cover solves this concern for you.


Protection - It protects your boat from the sun, protects the fiberglass from fading, protects the vinyl interior from cracking, protects the exterior and interior from birds and many pests and also from potential theft. Out of sight out of mind.

It makes your life easier, saves you time and gives you the option to use your boat more often with less stress and that cannot be disputed.

Appearance- It looks good and it is not an eye sore. There are 10 standard colors to choose from and you can even do a two-tone option. It also keeps the boat cleaner and helps to keep the shine on fiberglass hulls. No Sun fade or chalky dull decks.

Convenience - this is a huge one! No more having to mess with 250+ square foot of dusty-dirty covers every time you go to the lake. No more huge cover taking up valuable storage space on your boat.  Problem solved!  

It makes your life easier, saves you time and gives you the option to use your boat more often with less stress and that cannot be disputed. 

Ease of useOne small key fob, one button to raise and cover your boat, one to stop it in any position and one to lock it in the down position giving you security.

Durability – Touchless Cover uses Top Gun Fabric which is the best out there. It is 11 oz and a tinsel strength of over 500+. This equals strength! It has an aluminum or steel top frame, middle frame and lower frame for weight and durability.


Now that is worth the investment!